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CPR for Children 

February 12,2018

If your child suddenly stops breathing, what should be your reaction? Will you be able to manage the situation? The best you can do to save the child from the emergency health condition is performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. To perform the task, you need to be aware of the right steps.

Before the medical help arrives, itís better you start with giving CPR to the child so that he/she can feel better.

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Here we have come up with a list that comprises of the steps, necessary to follow when giving CPR to a child;

∑ Start with delivering five rescue breaths. Ensure that the babyís head is in safe position. Cover his mouth and nose with your mouth and deliver five rescue breaths. Each breath will need a puff of air from your cheeks and thatís it.

∑ Secondly, give thirty chest compressions. Make use of two fingers to compress the chest of the baby on the breastbone at a rate of 100/120 chest compression per minute.

∑ After youíre done with thirty chest compressions, give another two rescue breaths

∑ Repeat the cycle of thirty chest compressions to two rescue breaths

If you can smartly follow these steps, youíll get to see the best of results. Make sure youíre doing it the right way and your baby is responding to the act. In any circumstances, if the baby is not responding to CPR, call the doctor immediately.

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