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CPR For Minors 

May 24,2018

As a parent, you need to be always prepared for every situation. When it comes to childís health, you canít take risk. Therefore, itís necessary for every parent to learn CPR and First aid from a proper training institute. No matter whether youíre travelling or is at home, ensure youíre prepared for a true emergency. Though youíll hopefully never need to use it, knowing child CPR can save your childís life.

CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is performed to restart lungs and hearts, that have stopped because of medical reasons or accident or any other situation. This medical act is performed by compressing the chest and blowing into airways. The intent is to keep oxygenated blood moving through the brain and lungs, till the heart starts beating. Learning CPR from a reputed institute like Give First Aid in Sunshine Coast will allow perform the task on your child in a better way.

 First Aid Certificate Sunshine Coast

If youíre alone with your child who is not breathing or unresponsive, performing CPR will help improve the situation until medical help arrives. Hereís how to perform CPR on a child;

  • Firstly, check to see if the child is conscious. Tap the child gently and ask if he is feeling okay. Look quickly to find if the child has any injuries, bleeding, or medical problems

  • Secondly, check for breathing. Place your ear near the childís mouth and nose. If you feel like the child is breathing, this suggests that the situation is okay

  • Thirdly, start with chest compression, if the child is not breathing or is unresponsive

    • 1)Place the child on his/her back

    • 2) Be careful not to tilt the head back too far. If you suspect a neck or head injury, roll the baby over, moving the entire body at once

    • 3) For a baby, place two fingers on breastbone. Place heel of one hand on center of chest at nipple line. You can push with one hand on top of the other

    • 4) For a child, make sure not to press on ribs, as they are weak and prone to fracture

    • 5) Do 30 chest compression at the rate of 100 per minute. Let the chest rise completely between pushes

    • 6) Check to see if the child has started breathing) Continue CPR until medical help arrives

      • Do rescue breathing by covering his mouth with yours.

      • Repeat compressions and rescue breathing if the child is still not breathing

      • Use an AED (automated external defibrillator), if available. In case, a pediatric AED is not available, you can use a standard AED.

      Before you start with performing CPR, it is necessary to learn the technique. Give First Aid in Sunshine Coast offer CPR and first aid certificate courses, along with quality training

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