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First Aid Tips for Road Accidents 

March 3,2017

Do you know how to help an accident victim? There are certain situations that can be improved if you can apply the proper technique. Road accidents are likely to be the third biggest killer and we all have that power to save someoneís life. Delivery of effective first aid is one of the vital steps one should take when come across an accident victim.

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What Are The Steps You Should Take?

  • Check the person for injuries. Itís important to find out the extent of his/her injury for example; is he bleeding from the head, neck, abdomen, etc. Treat the quietest person first as they are more seriously injured or cannot breathe. Ask for the patientís name and if he responds, it means he is able to survive and has not met with any serious injury.

  • Check if the person is breathing as this works as an important point to understand the condition of the victim. In case you observe that the person is not breathing, call 911 immediately.

  • If you donít hear any breath sounds, check his/her mouth for obstructions. The best you can do to clear obstruction is insert the index or middle finger to clear the airway.

  • In case you canít feel the pulse, start CPR or EAR immediately. Keep the personís neck straight to start EAR so that the technique works. There are three types of EAR; Mouth to Mouth, Mouth to Nose and Mouth to Mask.

Why should you avail First Aid courses?

Will let you come across several benefits. Becoming first aid certified will not only benefit you but also your near and dear ones. Emergency situations are not completely preventable but your knowledge about First Aid can help you act smartly.

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