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First Aid Training in the Workplace 

August 4,2016

Occupational Health and Safety requirements in the provision of First Aid Training certification are guided by the First Aid Code of Practice (2004) which provides practical advice to employers and employees. It covers first aid personnel, first aid kits, first aid rooms, first aid signs, accident response plans, risk management and accident response plans. All States and Territories within Australia are required to follow their relevant legislation.

It is the responsibility of employers to have procedures in place to deal with major and minor accidents in the workplace. It is the employees responsibility to follow these procedures of First Aid Training certification.

The fundamentals of Occupational Health and Safety include:

  • State the primacy principles of Occupational Health and Safety.
  • List the role and responsibilities of employers and employees.
  • State the functions of health and safety committees.
  • List the powers of Workplace Health and Safety inspectors.
  • Describe the principles of risk management.
  • Explain why personal protective equipment is used.

Within the Work Environment

First Aid Training Courses Describe possible hazards.

  • Recognize various safety signs.
  • Define an ‘emergency situation’.
  • Identify a range of fire extinguishers suitable for a specific type of fire.
  • Recognize chemicals as hazardous substances.
  • Identify hazards, equipment and precautions with respect to working at heights.
  • Define a ‘confined space’ and its potential hazards.

Manual Handling

  • Define manual handling.
  • Describe correct lifting procedures.
  • List typical manual handling injuries.

Each state and territory has legislation in place regarding the relevant requirements for workplaces; these requirements will give recommendations on items such as the required size of first aid kits and equipment needed for the level of risk as well as the number of first aiders required within that workplace.


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