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Implementing First Aid for Emergency Situation like Fainting 

October 20,2016

Fainting is a medical condition that occurs when there is a sudden loss of consciousness for a short period of time. This happens usually when the blood supply to the brain is temporarily inadequate because of a sudden drop in blood pressure. There are many reasons that trigger such a condition, starting from dehydration to serious heart condition.

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What to do when someone sitting beside you faints all of a sudden? Before reaching for medical help, someone trained in First Aid can help the patient before medical professionals arrive. Availing of First Aid and CPR courses from Sunshine coast will help you respond instantly when experience any medical situation like this.

First Aid Treatment for Fainting

A person trained in First Aid administers the following step to a person who has become unconscious.

  • Check whether the patient is breathing or not. If they are breathing, position the person on their back
  • Raise the legs of the person at least 12 inches above the ground.
  • Check the patientís airway to ensure there is no obstruction
  • Check if the person is breathing, coughing or moving

These are basically the signs of positive circulation. If these signs are absent, applying CPR is the only possible technique to go for. CPR is the way to treat someone when they stop breathing or their heart stop functioning.

To lessen up potential injuries, only those trained in CPR should perform this act. For better results, tilt the personís head back and lift the chin in order to open the airways.

Prevention is always better than cure, so letís check out some preventive measures:

  • When symptoms appear, lie down
  • Avoid stress and anxiety
  • Properly evaluate your medications
  • Take care of underlying medical conditions

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Emergencies can occur any time. Instead of running away, its better you try to resolve it. Learning First Aid and CPR is the first step towards it. Give First Aid in Sunshine Coast brings for you certified courses in order to benefit you. You can select your preferred course and start with the classes as per your convenience. To check out the courses and requisites, click here

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