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The Useful Mini Safety Kit For First Aid 

October 13,2016
“Accident” the word itself denotes an event that is unplanned and it is a must to be prepared for medical uncertainties. Just like the famous proverb says” Precaution is better than cure”. There are First Aid Courses from Sunshine Coast, that give you a good learning on how First Aid Box content should be designed, and what are the essential items.

Concept of First Aid
First Aid is nothing but help received initially on uncertain situations, this can be elaborated with help of an example. A child is riding a bicycle, and accidentally falls bruising his knees, a first Aid kit kept handy can comfort the child, until he visits a physician. Readily available first aid kits are very helpful in preventing victims from the initial pain, and if wounds are severe it can also help prevent blood loss and so on.

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Compulsory First Aid Kit
We humans like all other living things are vulnerable to pain, wounds, cuts, cramps often. If these are not treated at the initial stage, can harm to a great extent later. It is very essential to know how a First Aid Kit should be made, Sunshine Coast guides you well.
Following is the list of essentials required in a basic first aid kit, but if people are suffering from specific ailments they should have the required and prescribed medication available in their First Aid Boxes.

It is an essential equipment to keep body temperature under check. It can be used by the entire family. Oral thermometers are a good suggestion.

Sterilized cotton wool is very useful in order to clean wounds, apply antiseptic and even ointments using it as padding on the injured area.

Plasters and bandages
Three varieties of bandages are a must in the First Aid Kit
1) Roller bandages
2) Tubular bandages
3) Triangular bandages.
To make sure cuts and abrasions are assisted on time.

Stock Antiseptic
To avoid getting infection in the blood stream after a wound, it is advisable to initially clean the bruise with antiseptic. The Antiseptic can be in Liquid, Gel, Cream or powder form.

Eye pads
Eyes are the most delicate human organs, in order to protect the eye from dirt, dust injury it is essential to have sterilized eye pads.

Safety pins
Safety pins are helpful to fix bandages.

Medical Tape
Adhesive tape is required to hold dressing. Smaller strips can be made use of to hold lacerations until the wound is stitched.

Pain reliever and Disposable Gloves.
Pain reliever gel or spray, is a good option for instant pain relief. At least one pair of disposable gloves is a must to be in the First Aid Kit, make sure to replace used ones.

A small scissor designed for medical purpose should be kept in the first aid box as it helps cut bandage cloth, adhesive tapes that cannot be torn easily just by hand.

Check out the following safety tips and the call to action in case of Emergency
1) First Aid Box should be available in multiple places like, home, car, office, school.
2) Necessary devices like, monitors and prescriptions can be kept.
3) Discard expired items and replace them with new stock.
4) If situation is out of control, call 911 immediately.

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