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Be Prepared For Medical Emergency 

May 25,2018

A medical emergency can be frightening and can happen anytime, anywhere. To prevent certain circumstances, all you need is some preparation. There are several steps that you can take beforehand to better handle a crisis.

Here are a few tricks that will help you deal with an emergency, no matter whether it’s at your home or workplace.

Home Tips:

If you are at home, make sure you follow these instructions;

  • Keep all the emergency contact information within your reach. Beside saving the numbers in your phone, note down all the numbers in a diary and make sure to keep it in the drawing area. make a separate section and list down all the numbers along with the name of the contact person.

  • Make sure to keep the contact number of family physician within everyone’s reach. In case you find that your child’s health is deteriorating, you can contact the doctor easily.

  • If you think that someone in your family is having heart attack, call for medical help immediately. Before the medical help arrive, you can start with performing CPR. Learning first aid and CPR from a recognized institute will help you apply first aid in a better way.

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    Travel Tips:

    Here are some emergency travel tips for you;

  • Prepare a first aid box and keep all the essential items like bandage, Dettol, scissor, medicines, etc. in that box. Keep it along with you, while travelling.

  • If you are travelling for a long period, make sure you carry your prescriptions and medicines

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  • Carry a water bottle and do remember to drink as much water as you can.

  • Workplace:

  • For some, workplace is their second home.

  • Prepare a list of emergency contacts for colleagues.

  • f you’re having a chronic medical condition, consider telling your colleague for the good.

  • Make sure you know where the first aid box in your office is kept.

  • Encourage your employer to provide first aid and CPR courses for all employees.

  • Following the above steps will help you overcome emergency, in a smarter way. When come across any emergency situation, make sure you are calm and is following all the instructions carefully.

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