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Low Voltage Rescue & Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation 

June 13,2018

As humans, it s our responsibility to help others in need and make the surrounding a better place to live. But, how many of us do believe in this perception? When you see someone fainting in front of you or is met with an accident, you should help that person in need. A few first aid tricks can help the victim survive till the medical help arrives.


First Aid tips For Nose Bleeding 

June 11,2018

Nosebleeds are common in children. Although they can be scary, you can treat the condition at home. The best you can do is apply a few first aid tricks to manage the situation. This is when your first aid knowledge comes to rescue. If youíre someone who doesnít have any idea about first aid, itís better you learn. There are many institutes offering First aid and CPR courses, with the intention to help people learn the basics and execute the same, when needed.


Be Prepared For Medical Emergency 

May 25,2018

A medical emergency can be frightening and can happen anytime, anywhere. To prevent certain circumstances, all you need is some preparation. There are several steps that you can take beforehand to better handle a crisis. Here are a few tricks that will help you deal with an emergency, no matter whether itís at your home or workplace.


CPR For Minors 

May 24,2018

As a parent, you need to be always prepared for every situation. When it comes to childís health, you canít take risk. Therefore, itís necessary for every parent to learn CPR and First aid from a proper training institute. No matter whether youíre travelling or is at home, ensure youíre prepared for a true emergency. Though youíll hopefully never need to use it, knowing child CPR can save your childís life..


Electric Shocks: Signs and Symptoms 

May 8,2018

We all are aware of electric shock and its danger! Some cases are mild, while some are severe. An electric shock occurs when a person comes into contact with an electrical energy source. This can happen anywhere, it can be at your home or office or somewhere else.

To handle such a situation, you must be aware of doís and doníts. The best is to avail low voltage rescue training from a reputed institute so that you can provide emergency treatment, when and if required. Low voltage rescue training is all about teaching a person what to do when encounter an electric shock. Many people get electric shocks from man-made objects like electrical appliances, electrical wires, as well.


Top Tips To Prepare For A Safe Car Journey  

April 26,2018

Are you planning to hit the road for your next trip? Are you following the safety measures to experience a safe car journey?

Wait a while and read the blog!


First Aid Treatment for Drowning 

April 9,2018

Drowning is a common cause of accidental death. Defined as respiratory impairment, cause of the medical condition may be either accidental or intentional. Drowning is considered for being one of the commonest reasons behind injurious deaths and the number is increasing with each passing day. This is common amongst males compared to females, and younger age groups.


Treating Asthma Attack at Home with these Simple First Aid Tricks! 

March 13,2018

Asthma is a chronic disease in which the lining of the bronchial tubes starts swelling, causing difficulty in breathing. This is a common disease, especially amongst children. According to a survey, approximately 25 million people suffer from asthma, and 235 million all over the world.


Treating Burns with First Aid 

February 13,2018

Burns can damage your skin and other body tissues as well. The condition can be caused by heat, exposure to chemicals, cold injuries, and electrical injuries. No matter what caused the injury, it is important that you receive first aid right away so that you can get rid of the pain and feel safe. Treating burns with first aid is the best way to begin. All you need to know is the right first aid tricks, required to implement, right on the spot.


CPR for Children 

February 12,2018

If your child suddenly stops breathing, what should be your reaction? Will you be able to manage the situation? The best you can do to save the child from the emergency health condition is performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation. To perform the task, you need to be aware of the right steps.


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