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Factors That Results in High-Blood Pressure 

November 25,2016
Have you recently visited the doctor’s office and discovered that your blood pressure is high? Most of the time, it happens that people don’t realize their blood pressure level is constantly changing and this results in several health issues. Heart attack and strokes can be caused by high blood pressure. If you would like to help someone suffering from high-blood pressure, get enrolled in First Aid or CPR course in Sunshine Coast.

Stuck In An Emergency Situation? Here Is What You Should Do… 

November 14,2016
Are you aware of what to do when stuck in an emergency situation? Sometimes the situation goes out of control and this is when you need to manage things properly. If you don’t want to make the situation worst, it’s better you learn the tricks on how to handle emergency situations.

Implementing First Aid for Emergency Situation like Fainting 

October 20,2016

Fainting is a medical condition that occurs when there is a sudden loss of consciousness for a short period of time. This happens usually when the blood supply to the brain is temporarily inadequate because of a sudden drop in blood pressure. There are many reasons that trigger such a condition, starting from dehydration to serious heart condition.


The Useful Mini Safety Kit For First Aid 

October 13,2016
“Accident” the word itself denotes an event that is unplanned and it is a must to be prepared for medical uncertainties. Just like the famous proverb says” Precaution is better than cure”. There are First Aid Courses from Sunshine Coast, that give you a good learning on how First Aid Box content should be designed, and what are the essential items.

How long is a CPR Certification Valid For? 

September 27,2016
CPR or Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation is a technique used for increasing the chances of survival in heart attack patients. CPR technique can be learned by anyone, and it doesn’t require any special qualification. People often have questions about how long a first aid and CPR certification is valid for and after how long you need to review it and all. 


First Aid Training to Handle Emergency Situation 

September 21,2016
Learning First Aid is great, but you should also know how to apply it the right way, so that you can save someone’s life, when needed. Emergencies are unexpected! If a woman sitting next to you starts quivering and falls to the floor all of a sudden, what would be your reaction? Instead of getting tensed, it’s time when you should apply your first aid knowledge and save someone’s life. 

Benefits of Doing Online CPR Course 

August 31,2016
If you are considering a career in medicine or therapy or childcare, learning CPR and obtaining certification from a recognized institute is more than just a good idea. CPR, which stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation is an emergency life-saving technique used for treating patients suffering from cardiac arrests, before the doctor arrives. 

First Aid Training And Courses Provided By Immediate Response. 

August 4,2016

The team at Immediate Response First Aid training are privileged to have the chance to provide people with our First Aid courses. Our aim is assisting others.Our goal is to raise awareness and on how to manage medical emergencies


First Aid Training in the Workplace 

August 4,2016

Occupational Health and Safety requirements in the provision of First Aid Training certification are guided by the First Aid Code of Practice (2004) which provides practical advice to employers and employees. It covers first aid personnel, first aid kits, first aid rooms, first aid signs, accident response plans, risk management and accident response plans


Duty of Care owed while providing emergency first aid assistance in your work place 

August 4,2016

There is no legal obligation to assist an ill or injured person in the case of an emergency unless a “Duty of Care” has already been established. Duty of Care is the legal relationship owed by one individual or organisation to another. If you are the first aider in your work place then you owe a Duty of Care to your co-workers, if you are the career of minors then you owe a Duty of Care to those minors. The first aider should have knowledge acquired in formal first aid training.


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