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Electric Shocks: Signs and Symptoms 

May 8,2018

We all are aware of electric shock and its danger! Some cases are mild, while some are severe. An electric shock occurs when a person comes into contact with an electrical energy source. This can happen anywhere, it can be at your home or office or somewhere else.

To handle such a situation, you must be aware of doís and doníts. The best is to avail low voltage rescue training from a reputed institute so that you can provide emergency treatment, when and if required. Low voltage rescue training is all about teaching a person what to do when encounter an electric shock. Many people get electric shocks from man-made objects like electrical appliances, electrical wires, as well. This piece of content will help you know the necessary first aid tricks to apply when a person encounters electric shock.

Low Voltage Rescue Training

How Can First Aid Treatment Help?

No matter what, first aid tricks are always helpful. Therefore, continue reading for some valuable first aid tips and improve your knowledge.

Separate the Person from Currentís Source:

1) Make sure that you separate the person from current by using non-conductive objects like wooden or plastic broom handle, or rubber doormat, or chair.

2) You must switch off the main power button and unplug all the appliances. Itís better you shut off power through circuit breaker or outside switch. If you are not able to turn off the power, stand on something dry and non-conductive like dry newspaper or wooden board.

3) Do not try to separate the person if you feel sensation in your legs and lower part of the body.

Do CPR, If Needed:

If you can feel that the person is not breathing, doing CPR will help. For a child, start child CPR and for adult, start adult CPR. Make sure that youíre doing it the right way so that the person feels comfortable.

Check for Other Injuries:

It is necessary to check the person for other injuries as well. If the person is bleeding, start with applying pressure and lift the wound if it is in arm or leg. Sometimes, the shock causes the person to fall. For burns, itís better you apply ice packs and consult with a doctor immediately.

Try to protect the injured person from becoming chilled. Make him comfortable and let him rest for a while.

Apply a bandage to the infected area. Cover the burned area with a sterile gauze bandage or you can make use of a clean cloth. Donít use a blanket or towel, because loose fibers can stick to the burns.

Once youíre done with the tricks, call 911 immediately. A doctor will check the person for burns, dislocations, and other injuries.


Donít touch the person with bare hands if he is still in contact with the shock

Donít get near high voltage wires until the power is turned off

Donít apply any cream or lotion without doctorís recommendation

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