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First Aid Tips for Winter! 

March 15,2017

When winter comes around, it brings a greater risk of cold-weather injuries. Staying safe should be your priority so that you can survive well in this season. Winter carries dangers and itís your responsibility to protect yourself. The best you can do is grabbing some ideas regarding first aid so that you can act smartly during emergency situation.

First Aid Training Sunshine Coast

Enrolling your name for a first aid course is a smart idea to opt for. Proper training from a recognized institute will definitely help you fight against almost every health hazard, the easy way.

Here are some easy to implement first aid tips for you. Take a look:

  • Frostbite: This is a condition when body tissues of toes, fingers, ears and nose gets freeze. To avoid this condition, stay warm and drink warm liquids like tea and coffee frequently. Donít rub the frostbitten area as this can make the injury worse. Avoid using direct heat and walking on frostbitten toes.


  • Sprain/Strain/Fractures: These are common and can happen anytime. For sprains, itís better to follow the RICE technique Ė rest the affected part, provide comfortable support using padding, apply ice pack, and elevate the affected area. Donít move the injured part and if needed, go and see an orthopedic.


  • Hypothermia: This is a condition that happens usually when the temperature of your body drops below 35 degree Celsius. If you suspect hypothermia, replace wet clothes and re-warm the patient. Give warm drinks to the patient. If the breathing of the patient either stops or seems very shallow, apply CPR.


  • Shoveling: Another risk during winter months is shoveling snow. Ligaments and muscles, common soft tissues injuries in the lower back are some of the common issues than that of bending and heavy lifting of shoveling.


    Learning First Aid and CPR will help you avoid certain injuries and at the same time will let you take necessary action at the time of emergency. You can register your name for First Aid & CPR training courses in Sunshine Coast and learn the skills required for carrying out the techniques at home, workplace and wherever needed.

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