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First Aid Tips To Deal With Hypothermia 

January 8,2018

Have you ever experienced hypothermia? Did you have had found it difficult to deal with this condition? Hereís how to warm up a patient suffering from hypothermia, safely with first aid. But before we start with discussing about first aid tips for treating the medical condition, letís find out what hypothermia is and why does this medical condition arise.

Hypothermia occurs or affects when a body loses heat faster than it can produce and your body temperature falls below 95-degree F. If left untreated, the condition can be life-threatening.

Hypothermia is often caused by exposure to extreme cold or immersion in a cold body of water. Ongoing exposure to indoor temperature below 50-degree F is also one of the reasons why you may have hypothermia. Learning first aid from a reputed institute like Give First Aid in Sunshine Coast will help you learn the tactics you need to deal with such medical condition.

Now here comes some of the essential first aid tricks to treat this medical condition safely;

Warm Up Gradually:

Start with warming up the person if there is no risk of her becoming cold again. If you are at home, itís necessary to warm up the room. Remove wet clothes and wrap her in blanket to trap heat. If possible, put a hat on her head.

Give Warm Drink and Food:

Give her warm food and drinks to make her feel comfortable throughout. Learning first aid from a recognized institute teaches you these tricks to help hypothermia patients feel good from within.

Warm Bath:

Tell her to go for a warm bath as that will prevent the risk of her/him becoming cold again. Make sure to not warm up an elderly person in a bath as this may cause danger to the body.

Donít give alcohol:

Many believe that consuming alcohol is the best way to deal with this condition. Itís not! Consuming alcohol dilates the blood vessels, reducing the bodyís ability to retain heat. Donít rub or massage a person because in severe cases, thereís a risk of heart attack.

Get emergency help:

Call emergency as soon as possible. Make a note of her level of breathing, consciousness, and pulse before the medical team arrives.

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