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First Aid Tips to Stay Safe in Winter 

January 12,2018

Winter is the time when we enjoy a lot with our friends and family. From building snow forts to fighting snowballs, there is so much to get involved in. But winter sports can be rough and risky to your health. Some safety precautions and first aid tips can help you have a pleasant and wonderful winter experience. Weíll unleash some of the easiest tricks to follow when playing with your mates in the winter season.

Letís get started;

When ice covers sidewalks and walkways, pedestrians are at greater risks of falls. Some falls are not severe, but some are more serious. Here are some tricks to follow to reduce the level of injury

  • Firstly, rest the injured limb. You may use a sling or splint which you can get from a doctor or you can just have it in your first aid box. Itís necessary to keep weight off the injured limb.

  • Secondly, itís important to put ice on the injured area to prevent swelling. Not necessary to put ice directly on exposed skin; make use of a thin cloth for protection

  • Wrapping an ace bandage will be a better idea to heal the pain faster. Compression is the best way to give support to the injured area and reduce swelling

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Some of the common health conditions that may create trouble during the winter months are hypothermia, frostbite, and sunburn. Hypothermia is a condition characterized by moderate to severe shivering, mental confusion, and drop in heart rate. If you suspect someone suffering from hypothermia, call the doctor immediately. Before the medical help arrives, consider giving slow CPR to the person.

Frostbite occurs when skin cells and tissues freeze up and damage cell walls. The best way to help such a person is to get them out of the cold. Tuck frostbitten hands into armpits; cover the face, ears and nose.

Broken bones and fractures are difficult to handle. It is always recommended not to move any injured person unless it is necessary to get them out of an unsafe area. Whenever you are planning to go for a trip or a vacation, make sure you carry your first aid box. Applying first aid on the spot of an emergency situation will heal the injury faster.

If youíre not smart enough to apply first aid, its better you learn the tricks from an institute offering first aid training. This will help you lead a better life and will give you the opportunity to protect someoneís life in need. There are many reputed institutes in Sunshine Coast area, offering certified First Aid and CPR courses; you just need to register your name and get started.

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