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First Aid Treatment for Drowning 

April 9,2018

Drowning is a common cause of accidental death. Defined as respiratory impairment, cause of the medical condition may be either accidental or intentional. Drowning is considered for being one of the commonest reasons behind injurious deaths and the number is increasing with each passing day. This is common amongst males compared to females, and younger age groups.

Like every other medical condition, drowning too can be treated with first aid. All you need to do is,learn the right tricks so that you can manage the situation without being scared.

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Here are mentioned some easy to follow tips for you. Take a quick glance;

· Firstly, you need to ensure safety of yourself and then, of others.

· Secondly, remove the patient safely from water. It’s better not to attempt swimming rescue if you’re not efficient in swimming rescues.

· Thirdly, call for life guards and emergency services the moment you see someone drowning. This will make the situation manageable.

· Check with the patency of airway. Turn the patient to lateral side to allow the water to clear out from upper midway. Make sure you remove mud,dentures, etc.

· Check if the person is still breathing by feeling respiratory air. Do check the pulse as well.

· If the patient is coughing and vomiting, keep him on lateral position to prevent further respiratory issues.

· In case the person is not breathing, open-up the airway by tilting the head and start with rescue breathing.

· The next step is to close the victim’s nostrils by fingers, take a deep breath, and begin with resuscitation procedure.

· Repeat the method every five to six seconds

· If the person starts breathing, turn him to lateral side and keep an eye on him

· If the pulse is absent, start with CPR

Implementing these above tricks will surely help the person get rid of the drowning affect. Learning first aid from a recognized institute like Immediate Response in Australia will help manage such situation without any difficulty. They’ve the best team of trainers to help you learn the courses and execute the same when needed.

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