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Treating Asthma Attack at Home with these Simple First Aid Tricks! 

March 13,2018

Asthma is a chronic disease in which the lining of the bronchial tubes starts swelling, causing difficulty in breathing. This is a common disease, especially amongst children. According to a survey, approximately 25 million people suffer from asthma, and 235 million all over the world.

This blog will give you a sneak peek of how to deal with asthma, by implementing the easy to follow first aid & CPR tricks.

Before starting with the tricks, its better you find out the causes that result in such a chronic medical condition.

Causes :Asthma attacks can be caused by a wide number of reasons. The common reasons to consider are allergy and pollutants. Things like molds, dust mites, tobacco smoke, chemical irritants can lead to an asthma attack. Some of the medications like aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory can increase the chances of getting the asthma attack.

If you have a history of asthma, itís better you stay away from pollution and keep yourself away from these medications as well.

If reports are to be believed, approximately 50% of people suffering from asthma get at least one serious attack, every year.

First Aid for Asthma

Therefore, it is always better to learn some first aid tricks that would help you save a patient suffering from asthma. Take a glance at the below points.

∑ Make the person sit properly. Clear the air pathways from any of the obstructions, if possible.

∑ As the patient is not capable of breathing properly at that moment, help him get some fresh air

∑ If the person is wearing tight clothing, loosen it up

∑ Make the person feel calm and comfortable and reassure that things will be okay

∑ If the person is panicking a lot, calm him down. Panicking is not good for health

∑ Because asthma can strike anywhere, make sure to carry the inhaler along with.

∑ During the attack, it gets difficult for the patient to do it properly, quickly get their inhaler

∑ Help them get at least four puffs from the inhaler

∑ Do remember to use an inhaler with a spacer

∑ Press inhaler once to deliver the puff

∑ If needed, use the inhaler without a spacer

∑ After youíre done, ask the person if the situation is better now

∑ Monitor the person until help arrives

No matter how much educated youíre, learning first aid will always help. Give First Aid is recognized for offering the best first aid courses in Sunshine Coast, Australia. Enroll your name today and get started with the classes. Learning first aid tricks will not only make you feel confident but will add another feather to your qualification.

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