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April 28,2017

According to a survey, almost 70-80 percent of cardiac arrest cases occur either at home or at public areas. In such a situation, the person nearest at hand to the victim with no medical expertise is of no use. Henceforth; what you need is CPR training. Understanding CPR and implementing the technique when needed will change your thinking towards life. If you can save someone’s life or at least increase his rate of survival; that would definitely become the happiest moment of your life.

Those who believe CPR training is for individuals who want to build a career in medical world are absolutely wrong. In recent decades, having idea about CPR and First Aid is a common notion. With the rate of cardiac arrests increasing day by day, each one of us should learn CPR so that we can help someone in need. CPR is performed when heart stops. The method helps in prolonging circulatory and lung function.

CPR Night Courses in Sunshine Coast

If you are willing to learn CPR, there are many organizations/institutes that offer certified courses. You need to select your convenient course and the rest will be arranged by the institute. These courses are taught by experienced & certified instructors, who manage both the cognitive portion and hands on skills practice.

Give First Aid in Sunshine Coast is looking forward to your participation for their upcoming CPR training, which is scheduled to start from 2nd of May, 2017. Classes will be held only on Tuesday nights. The course will charge you $40.00 only and the offer is applicable for the evening batch only, not for the morning one.

According to the schedule, classes will end on June 27, 2017. There are some basic terms and conditions that you must follow in order to get your name enrolled for the CPR course;

  • · Booking must be made online only- phone booking will cost $50.00


  • · No refund for missed courses


  • · No flexibility in terms of date without extra cost


  • · You will be charged for training and certificate only

As a privately owned institute in Sunshine Coast, Give First Aid provides quality training to individuals and groups. The institute is committed to supporting community groups through affordable training and partnerships.

So guys call us immediately or reach us online! We are waiting for you!

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