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Why Low Voltage Rescue Training Is Important? 

May 17,2017

Low voltage rescue training is important for professionals who are bound to work with low voltage conductors or equipment. The courses offered by several institutes are designed to teach you to conduct a safe rescue of a casualty who has received a shock while working with low voltage conductors. Besides guiding you with tricks and tips on how to save yourself, these courses provide participants with the knowledge and skill required to efficiently provide CPR when required.

Low voltage rescue courses cover the performance of rescue procedures from live low voltage. This includes responsibilities for health, safety, and risk management processes at all operative levels and how to provide CPR to non-responsive casualty.

Low Voltage Rescue Training

Using a low voltage kit, individuals will simply learn how to use the equipment successfully during an emergency situation. You will get to learn the basic guidelines and implement so to rescue in normal work situations like cable pits, switchboards and substations.

Participants are recommended to demonstrate a stimulated rescue scenario using the kit and fire blanket. The training session includes a section on substation safety/ access, which provides familiarization with substation equipment and procedures.

Give First Aid in Sunshine Coast is offering quality low voltage rescue training at the best price. The course duration is - 2 years and additional 2 hours training for the CPR unit. Individuals willing to participate in the course should be aged above 16 years. There are no other pre-requisites as such for this particular course.

Take a glance at the training package offered by Give First Aid;

  • UEE11 Electrotechnology Training Package

  • HLT07 Health Training Package

  • In partial completion of HLT21112 Certificate II in Emergency Medical Service First Response

After the completion of the course you will be provided with a certificate and the validity of certification is one year. Schedule your name today. Give us a call!

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