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Why Should You Go For Low Voltage Rescue Training? 

March 22,2017

Would you like to become a low voltage rescue expert? Get your name enrolled in a recognized institute offering LVR courses and training programs and learn the basics. Professionals working in the electrical industry are involved in every type of electrical work and this is the reason why they should have some basic knowledge and skills in order to save a person in contact with low voltage electrical conductors.


Low voltage rescue Course


Most of the institutes or organizations conduct rescue training programs for a time period of 1 year. Classes are held as per the rule of the organizations and individuals are suggested to attend the classes in order to learn each and every detail of the course. The training programs are scheduled to provide participants the confidence and competence needed to handle emergency situations. The courses cover the performance of rescue procedures for low voltage apparatus. It also includes responsibilities for health, safety, and risk management processes for all operative levels.


This particular course is recommended to individuals who are willing to join the electrical industry or are currently working for it. Topics covered under low voltage rescue training courses are;


  • Providing CPR


  • Recognize and respond to an emergency situation


  • Communicate details of the incident


  • Respond to signs of an unconscious patient


  • Indication for CPR


  • Demonstrate the use of DRSABCD emergency action plan


  • Safe manual handling


After you are done with the course, you will be able to perform rescue, assess a hazardous electrical situation, tale proper action during emergency situation, manage bleeding and burns, etc. Give First Aid in Sunshine Coast gives you the amazing opportunity to register your name for the Nationally Certified LVR course; designed to help individuals discover the techniques needed to fight against any emergency situation while working in the field. After the completion of course, Give First Aid will provide you with a Statement of Attainment.


So, get ready to start with an amazing course and set up your future, the better way!

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